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    Community Book of Theria History.

    Hello guys i was wishing to create this thread a long long time ago... Lets explain a bit how this thread will be, how this book is going to be written:

    The Great Book of Theria

    The idea of this Thread(book) is WE, together, write the story of Theria; the past and the present.... It does not exist a chronological written story of Theria, not even from the actual quest(We as Commanders dont even have a Journal!!). Our job guys is to write what happen and when happen.
    I'll explain how we should write this: We should divide the Book on 3 Parts (or, if you like, 3 diferent books(threads) but i didnt want to spam threads).

    The First part should be the past events of Theria: the wars, the 4 armies (¿are only 4?), the kings, where is all placed? (we should even create a map).
    Now, you may think "Hey how im even suposed to write about this? i barelly know whats happening with my baby sister kidnaped by a creepy wolf" Well, this is the part we try to guess(invent) what happened way ago on the land we are having our quest. The best way is to read the cards of some heroes: "After serving many years in the Grizzly Bear army, Bane was severely wounded during the Yak's revolt......". "What? What Yak's revolt? Lets see if the Styrd card.....Who was the Bear king? When did this happen? " Let your imagination flow, try to understand what events happened before we started our quest and write this here on this book of events.

    The Second Part of the Book (easiest) should be the recient events on Theria (aka quest storyline). When your army is freezing their tails on one mountain after 300nodes of quest, they may have some doubts about carring on. Our job is to refresh the memories about our objetive: Why did we started? What does Rob want? Where did we found Jayce?. Lets try to make this a non-personal journal but a good way to refresh all of us what happened node after node. This should be more objetive and less open to imagination. We should try to write it as a wiki.

    The Third Part
    of the Book should be the Background story of some unknowed characters . This count as NPCs andsome cards : "Who in all the heavens is this guy named Alcorn? Who is his wolf friend? Whats their story? Why did we know so little about Chasqa?" On this part of the book, we should try to discover(invent) the background of this kind of characters and, maybe, helping to build a proper background story for a few (new)cards,

    The mainly idea is to post here, to discuss what is the best point of view of Theria History and we try to recopilate it one txt or google drive.. Dont be afraid if posting another point of view of some past events. The idea is to recopilate all we can, and try together to create a proper book. Variety could make this book really great!
    When You post here, try to start your post with "First Part" "Second Part" or "Third Part" so we will not mix the stuff. Its not needed to post your idea of the 3 parts together, just post whatever you want of any part, just be sure to separate them with the previous tags (123part)
    IMPORTANT!! Remember this is like a fanmade HistoryWiki not a compilations of fanfics. Try to make your post like a encyclopedia not as a novel: this mean, avoid dialogues or personal descriptions. Quotes are obviously allowed.

    I believe this could be really cool for people who like story of games or just like to write, also, i didnt post it on Fanart cuz this section is more visited, but maybe if the thread gets popular we should move it there.

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