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    Christmas Fan Art Contest

    Dear Commanders,

    As Winter Celebrations are lighting up the world everywhere in and out of Theria, we hope the mood will get the artist out of you!

    Share your best Winter Celebrations creations with us for a chance to win amazing rewards! Drawings, paintings, collage.. any original content related to Primal Legends is accepted!

    Submit your artwork in this thread before Sunday December 25th to enter the contest.

    The best 3 creators will earn an Amazing Reward Bundle including:

    1x Hembala

    2x Saru

    8x Ken-Uh

    30x Krys

    25 000 Gold

    Need some inspiration, Hero image and more?
    Download the Primal Legends FanKit

    Good luck, we look forward to see your creations!
    The Kobojo Team
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    unable to download file

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    We just downloaded it without any issues :) Can you please look into your device security settings, Commander?

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    Dec 2016
    Drawing game characters like heroes in Primal Legends in human version makes me feel them so real.
    Masha is one of the first heroes, also one of my fav heroes ^^ wanna draw her once tonight, really hope to see her have more skins in future game events.
    Last but not least, feliz navidad ^^ ty KBJ for creating this game

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    Thank you for your submissions, and Merry Christmas!
    What are your Primal Legends ID, Commanders?

    Addendum: @Manok, could you send us the Video File of your submission? This will allow us to share it on Social Medias :)
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    Thanks KBJ & merry Xmas
    my ID Primal Legends : 244194 - Name : Manok
    And link video Xmas :

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    Thank you verry much.
    My ID : 372910 - Name : CafeSua

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    Dec 2016
    ID 368205, my current name is "[VN] Che". Thanks KBJ

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