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    Commander Sponsorship: The Guide

    Dear Commanders,

    This Guide will show how our Commander Sponsorship Program works, how to invite your Friends to Primal Legends, check their progression, and finally add them as Primal Legends friends!

    From the Social Menu, Access the "Sponsorship" button:

    The following Menu will allow you to:

    1. See the list of Sponsor Rewards
    2. Sponsor your Facebook friends as Commanders, using the "Invite" button
    3. See the list of Commanders you have recruited so far and their progression by tapping on the green number (0 in the screenshot below) - you'll also be able to add your recruits as friends from this menu!

    Once you've selected "Invite", you will see your friend list and can pick friends you want to sponsor.
    Simply tap the [+] button to add a friend in the invite list, and click "Send" on the upper right once you've made your selection.

    Your invited friends will receive a Facebook notification (kindly note it can take up to 30 min for the notification to be triggered).
    By clicking the notification, they will install the game and be registered as your recruit (note: the application must be installed via the Facebook invite notification for the sponsorship to work).

    That's it! Once a recruit gets to level 7, you will get a notification for you to collect your reward :)
    Keep in mind you can check your recruit's progression at any time using the above method.

    Have a wonderful day in Theria,
    The Kobojo Team
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