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    How to play Primal Legends PVP on PC

    Hello Commanders,

    Here is a tutorial explaining how to install and play Primal Legends on your PC.

    1st Step: BLUESTACKS

    Bluestacks is a program emulating a tablet on your PC.
    This will enable you to play your favourite game Primal Legends!

    - To start with, go on Bluestacks' website:

    - Find the installer and launch it, then follow the procedure..

    - Once done, launch Bluestacks.
    You will be asked to synchronise your Gmail account which will enable you to access your saved Primal Legends' progression (smartphone or tablet).

    - You will arrive on Bluestacks' main menu which will be nearly empty.
    Please check if the synchronisation is working.

    - On the next screen, please go to your "Settings" then "Accounts".
    If you see this, it means everything is alright.

    2nd Step: Primal Legends

    - You will have to retrieve the Primal legends application.
    To do so, click on the Google Store.

    - Then search and install Primal Legends.

    - Once you are done, you'll find the game by clicking the "+" button.

    - You will land on this page that summarizes your applications in Bluestack.

    You are now ready to play Primal Legends on your computer!

    I hope this tutorial will be useful.
    Do not hesitate to tell us if you see issues or modifications to make.

    See you soon in Theria.

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