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Thread: PVP ON PC!

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    Post PVP ON PC!

    I'm still waiting....

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    The best way to get PVP on PC is with an Android emulator, there are several available to chose from and I have included the 3 I usually recommend below.

    Bluestacks is what I personally use to play on PC and has allot of extra features that make its requirements too high for some systems.

    NOX is a little less resource intensive but has also started including more and more features as its been developed making it my second choice.

    The third emulator I generally turn to is LeapDroid, a recently discontinued project that showed great promise. It has a much smaller footprint on system resources but will no longer receive updates so buyer beware. I've included a link to the last file I was able to obtain before they removed the files from their site.

    Its up to you what you do with this information, take it or leave it, but its still the best option at the moment, good luck.

    --- DL:

    NOX Player:
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    --- DL:
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