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    Quote Originally Posted by Pheenix View Post
    Obviously, I got no idea about app development but having potentially hundreds, if not thousands, of accounts open but not active is just clogging the system up?

    Maybe a bi-annual spring clean where accounts that have been inactive for more than a month get shelved?
    If they don't do this with Mutant Genetic Gladiators which has like hundreds of mutants (4-5 versions of each), multiple power ups, tokens, healing items, hundreds of larva. They are not going to do it with this game. PL has like 54 heroes (two version of each).

    Truthfully, if I knew a game did this. I would not even bother playing it to begin with. There are multiple games I've stopped playing for months and decide to play casually later..

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    Quote Originally Posted by NickWilde View Post
    Actually with Qishu or some else 1) is easy to achieve :)

    kishu就kishu塞 还 七叔 呕 这死翻译

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    Possible necro but I'll risk it...

    So close to the perfect cascade today! Left the guy with 3 units... :)

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    #1 I've personally done a few times, so definitely possible

    #2 and #3 bleh no good answers just more of what you already got
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