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    it takes forever for his gauge to get up unless your incredibly lucky with reds, or unless you take out Tai/Mirga or Kishu dies

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    Either way Hembala is pretty OP now (in random). Him and Tai could easily wipe out all your heroes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Tek Chun Sheng View Post
    This Legendary card is a no doubt nerf, if you comoare him to Drall, he is twice as powerful and has less charge gauge compared to Drall, what's more Drall is an Epic, the rarity before Legendary so that means that is quite unfair to give a Legendary godlike stats while giving an epic bad stats that is weaker than a Legendary by 100%
    I think it depends on your hero level.

    Level 5 Drall = 267
    Level 3 Noren = 145*2 = 290

    The different is hardly noticable and the gauge difference is only 2 (100 v. 98 )

    Because Drall does a single hit instead of two his damage when it hits the wall will make their attacks about equivalent because direct damage is 20% stronger.

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    If I remember correctly, Noren has already been weakened in early stages. Not far from the beginning of this game. At that time the Bull had more health and damage. He is fine now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knightified View Post
    I think Noren is completely balanced currently. He does an adequate amount of damage that is split into two different lines. Pyk counters him, Saru counters him, any hero that can buff troops somewhat counters him. Plus he's not too difficult to target if you have a killer hero. And it's not like you can activate him twice in one turn unless you get extremely lucky with reds.

    Also for future notice we have a thread for balancing every season, here is this season's thread:

    Don't bother reposting though, I'm sure Chem will move this thread into the one I just posted soon enough.
    I don't know how does Buffers even counters Noren though

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Tek Chun Sheng View Post
    I don't know how does Buffers even counters Noren though
    All points loss is based on the tile's base unit and not buffed unit.

    An example would be if you had Level 10 Mori +29 and Level 10 Marrar +47. If you stacked their healing it would be (Base of 5+29+47=81). The tiles themselves are still worth only 5 points but they require 81 damage to destroy. So if Noren's attack was 145 it would do maximum (145-81=)64+5 damage. Extra 20%(?) for whatever remaining attack that reaches the enemy wall.

    The amount of points (HP) that Noren attack would take is less than 50% of the damage he does.
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    Please continue this discussion in the Season 13 Live Blanace Discussion thread and thank you for your participation
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