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Thread: Orange Card?

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    Orange Card?


    In the shop, there's a chest that can be bought for 500 gems. It doesn't have any blue or purple cards; instead it states that it has at least one orange-colored card.

    What is that type of card? I've never seen it before ever.

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    It's actually not orange but yellow. The legendary card.

    So you get either Ned / Hembala / Stortan / Noren / Nei-Li / Wan&Xiao / Sarkamin
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    Better hope for that Ned / Hembala / Noren.

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    Right! I was thinking they were legendary.

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    For some reason I can't find it in my shop :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Tek Chun Sheng View Post
    For some reason I can't find it in my shop :/
    It's a one time deal. So if you brought it once before you won't get it again. EVER.

    Same with the epic chest from before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meo View Post
    It's a one time deal. So if you brought it once before you won't get it again. EVER.

    Same with the epic chest from before.

    Ever???? Sure about that? Ill be really sad :C
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    thats kinda stupid tbh, if its ever, but id have to say it probably is ever, but ive NEVER seen them again whenever they have that offer out...

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    If I understand correctly its not a *never again!* type thing but it is a special even thing that is limited release and only available at certain times. I also think its level dependent, with lower levels getting a different offer. Don't misunderstand I'm sure there are offers like this that are set up to display only *once* and be available until purchase and this could be one of them but it doesn't mean the offer won't *ever* be available again just means *if* it is it will be a special event for everyone o.O

    That's all speculation but its based on observation of how other chest and offers have worked like the special rare and epic chests that have been released, the rare chest we get about once a month and the epic chest available fewer times. I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure I had the legend chest available twice so far and I usually get most offers when they are available ... so that's at least an indication that there will be more opportunities.

    With the legend box in particular I think its first available for obtaining either 25 or 29 one I can't remember which but for me it first appeared shortly after leveling.

    ... and to be honest, it could very well be a one time offer that never repeats, I just find it very unlikely o.O
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    OK...NEVER AGAIN, unless Kobojo change it.

    Remember that epic chest that was being advertised a few weeks/a month back. I asked BlueSky why those of us that brought two of it don't see it. He told me that it's a one time thing. Not a one time offer but a limited offer so if you brought it, it won't show up for you.

    It's like with heroes. I've brought 5 heroes all together with rubies: Squy, Shura, Drall, Kishu and Mandra (when she was released). Since I have never seen these heroes offered in my shop for 500 rubies AGAIN. I see Rey alot though (he's the most common). Like every other week they try to offer him to me for 500 rubies.

    I also doubt there is a level limit. My mom's account is at level 14 and she has the legendary chest offer. I thought that lowest level legendary was 16 and it was Noren (I could be wrong of course)
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    You may be right Meo, there is a chance I only bought 1/2 or something when they first showed up I just know I got them more than once especially the Rare/Epic chest I always get 2 of those and have seen it at least 2-3 times now o.O

    I just assumed the legendary chest would be like the rare and epic chests and be there again eventually :'(
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