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    Death while frozen

    Why do some heroes use their dying ability when frozen (e.g. gwenn does freeze a random hero) while no one else seems to? (e.g. styr doesn't give life if dying while frozen)

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    Pretty sure no heroes activate their death rattle while frozen. Gwenn included.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meo View Post
    Pretty sure no heroes activate their death rattle while frozen. Gwenn included.
    I second this. I could do testing but if I remember right Gwenn doesn't do anything when frozen.

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    All my heroes with DR didnt just nothing. Yesterday in fact a lucky guy iced my bakna with 70hp :V and on death he didnt explode
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    I posted this thread because it happened to me yesterday with Gwenn, could be just a bug then :)

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    I think you may have been caught in a tricky situation. I myself was there once. It happened that my Styr was frozen and trapped by Erys' fire. Styr was going to die in the next turn for sure but he would get unfreezed too at the same time. I was wondering then which the system would put into effect first. Death by fire or unfreeze. It turned out that he unfreezed first and then was killed by fire. So his deathrattle was triggered in this way. So my question is do you remember in which situation did Gween die? If it's an instant death then it might be a bug. If it's a death in the next turn then it would be like my situation in which Gween unfreezed herself first.

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    Death rattle in any situtation does no pop off if a hero is frozen no matter what, unless it comes off on the same turn it dies...then idk lol

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