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    Question Heroes dying off the table

    I think it would improve the game if any heroes that die off the table (due to poison or Hembala) don't cost you any life.

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    That means if you have a Yars/Hembala/Komeul despite two of them having the lowest gauge, you can't play them first. Or else it becomes a cascade game.

    Hembala becomes a useless hero cause once he is played and I have heroes like Vernay, Styr, even Gyle. If I can't do enough damage to make up for my life points, there is zero reason to play them.

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    Do not agree with this whatsoever. Negates a ton of heroes.

    Plus they're technically part of your team still. If they did it should effect you.

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    Death outhside the battle is fine, its like backstabed heroes.
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    Thats horrible, would ruin the game and alot of heroes completely

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    naive !!!!!

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    I would use hembala for decreased activation speed and 4x 90 damage

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