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Thread: Flame Debuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Tek Chun Sheng View Post
    Why would I waste my move moving my heroes out? I had rather charge up the Primal Gauge of my heroes
    Depends on the usefulness of that hero and if it would die easily. It also depends on the death rattle they have.

    I let Karg/Elephants/Banka stay in the fire. I try to save my Falkar/Shura/other hero killers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knightified View Post
    Avoid damage so they don't die. It's situational.
    To me, I like to put my heroes at the back row, that way when they get hurt, they will drop down and avoid the fire, but the disadvantage is very vulnerable to Wakai

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    They usually won't drop unless there's an open space in front of them or your enemy hits them down.

    As for the back rows...^_^0

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    i typically dont move my heroes out of the fire, for the most part it doesnt hurt as much, besides...sometimes they expect you to, and when you do they screw you, so i just leave them in unless they are about to die from the fire damage

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    Now that you bring the topic up You know who the god of fire really is nowadays? It's king Rod.

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