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    Fan Created Groups/Teams of Theria

    Many groups/teams have been created for Primal Legends by its fans. I'm sure you have noticed players with bracketed tags like this [???] in front of or behind their names. This is how many groups work for Primal Legends, players join and add the group's tag to their name so they can recognize other team members in the arena and leaderboards.

    There are many groups/teams out there and joining them and making friends there and rivals of other groups in the arena is a lot of fun. It adds an additional challenge to be the group with the most tags in the leaderboard or have your group members finish above another group.

    This thread is meant to be a way for group leaders to share their team with the entire community by telling us your groups name, the tag you use, list some of your more prominent members, what is required to be a member if you're recruiting and tell us a little about your goals.

    Doesn't have to be anything elaborate, something simple like this ...

    [GGN] Generic Group Name

    Our group is made up of active Primal Legends players of all skill levels! We pride ourselves in being on the global leaderboard like to have fun chatting about the game and discussing strategy.

    We are not actively recruiting but we accept anyone over level 1 that wants to chat and have fun. Join us on FAKE.CHAT to meet us and see if you want to be one of us

    Prominent Members
    - [GGN] Gal 1
    - [GGN] Guy 2
    - [GGN] Guy 3
    - Gal 4
    - [GGN] Guy 5
    - [GGN] Gal 6

    * NOTE * Gal 4 is one of us but she doesn't wear our tag
    Just let us know who you are and what your tags mean so we know who we are battling in the arena.

    Special thanks to [K] BlueSky and Skunkix for their contributions and support for this project
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    Fan Created Groups/Teams Directory

    Groups/Teams will be listed alphabetically with a link to their post in this thread as they are added

    [K] Kobojo Team - Link
    [PG] Primal Gods - Link
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    Hello, im part of the [PG] group.

    Name means Primal Gods - [PG]
    Our group was made some months ago. We do discuss about game and other non-related stuff on our telegram chat. We have several pro players with the [PG] tag. Just for an example i guess you all know [PG]Merlet. She is always on top 100! Same of [PG]Nancy and [PG] Wolke. But the most important part of our group, the [PG], is basically the good vibes and how we help each other with tactics or teams suggestion. Maybe some of us (especially me lol) do not have a high elo :P but we surelly have optimist and passion for this game!!

    The list...well we have various people hanging with our tag.
    I will try to do a list but im not sure if it will be complete xD

    [PG] gWorldz
    [PG] Meo
    [PG] Merlet
    [PG] Nancy
    [PG] Wolke
    [PG] Lans
    [PG] Rexhat
    [PG] Knighty
    [PG] Wickeffect
    [PG] Xerks
    [PG] Tasadar
    [PG] Bimir
    [PG] Ravandel
    [PG] Vlad
    [PG] Etienne
    [PG] Tengu
    [PG] Flash
    [PG] Craft
    [PG] Limmy
    [PG] Feng
    [PG ]BazzBry
    [PG] Skunkix

    I must me missing a few players for sure, ill add them soon as i can :P

    Anyways, thats our awesome group! We have a forum page but not sure if its allowed to post another forum link.

    I hope we can know more about other groups too!
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    I'm part of the [K] Team.
    We're all Staff members from Kobojo that loves playing Primal Legends!

    Our fiercest Rivals are [PG] for now, but we hope new contenders will arise agains the tide :)

    Some team member nicknames:


    I hope to face you in the Arena in Epic matches!

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