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Thread: 255 very hard

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    255 very hard

    Hello what a team of Heroes for the 255 internship?

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    I used an all blue team.

    But basically fast hitting heroes that could break through opponent's Borg and Maarrar's healing defense. I wouldn't use any hero killers since Borg and Maarrar's health are so tank. Since you also need to protect your own health I'd recommend a Pyk/Cipai unless you're at a high enough level where you don't need to protect your health. But even then I'd recommend a healer for your heroes cause in Wave 1 you need to protect them from Shura. I used Mirga but she doesn't heal herself

    I'm not sure who are the heroes for wave 2 though. I finished them off in 2 moves.
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    Thank you, I'll try

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