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    I want to help oline celecions

    I am a simple player of mutants but I have idea for the game I want to help it porfa dejema help I have ideas of mutants new I have idea for the game I lr I help I know much of the game not so much but they do not need to pay me I always wanted to help kobojo but Since they were going boy help you to me that I want to be part of the team do not delay in contacting me facebook name if you want to find me ale martinez orellana:RE

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    It's great to see that certain things are being done with the game, but I am concerned that nothing has been done to change the mutant reward in the PVE. Captain Gorn was the mutant reward not so long ago in the PVE and it would be great if it could be changed to something different that we either haven't seen in a long time or something new.

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