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    One simple improvement for the game

    when the game loads, the first thing that usually pops up is the inbox, followed by either the send invitation or send gift box, followed by the "Daily Post". My suggestion is that you change it so these do not automatically open up. It delays and even sometimes crashes the game. And don't worry, players are going to open the Daily Post and our inboxes no matter what, we want to see whats new and we want to collect what our friends send us. The send invitation box can go completely.. its annoying. we dont use it and frankly the vast majority of us are going to invite people to play using the nice little invite icon down at the bottom of the screen. this would be a great change for the next update and help the game to load faster and smoother and reduce the number of "Power Fluctuations" that occur due to the excessive amount of items that are pushed through during the loading of the game.

    Thanks for your Consideration
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