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    the first of many to come

    thought about using the in game models and I felt this was a fitting combination:
    cowboy chuck.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jordan Triomphe View Post
    No, this isn't Buck Maurice who ride the Monocerus !

    I bet this picture was taken in Soviet Russia.. lol

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    In Soviet Russia, Monocerus rides you!

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    Bushi riding his Undead Dragon:
    Bushi Dragon.png

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    Leech Lord astride Undead Dragon:
    Leech Lord Dragon.png

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    Kaiju Kitty tagging along with Goliath:
    Kaiju Goliath.png

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    stupid idea...its just look.

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    Rooofl...the Kaju Kitty/Goliath combination is just hilarious but all of those look quite interesting. If you would mirror the monocerus, the picture with buck maurice would surely get a naughty touch XD (the one where it rides him).

    Bet you could also use this kind of technique to replace heads/arms & such instead of just make cavalier & mount

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