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    Can all Mutants be bred

    Just asking if all mutants can be bred, every single mutant, mutants from pvp and token reactor and ones you can buy as well.

    Thought I had seen some where from developer that all mutants can be bred ? can this be confirmed ?

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    i can confirm that NOT all the mutants can be breed.
    All the Zodiacs, goliath and captain peace

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    With Chance of breeding

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    I was wondering this myself, if I were to buy two of the scorpio zodiac monsters, could I breed them together and get a third and from there upgrade it to being a Bronze and so on?

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    mutants that cannot be bred using 2 others as a base:

    -all zodiacs
    -pumpkin jack
    -buck maurice
    -all pvp mutants

    mutants that have no elite(stars) versions:

    -all zodiacs
    -pumpkin jack

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    Jacob your post is wrong.

    Only zodiacs, captain peace, Goliath, jack reaper and Mr marvellous cannot be breed.

    All rest can be breed.
    PvP and legendaries need them as one of the parents to breed.

    Also for the other question, you cannot breed zodiac with two other zodiacs.

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    What about single gene mutants? How can you get a bronze beast?

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