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    October 12, 2017: Latest News from Celsius Online


    Psy Captains,

    We at Celsius Online would like to tell you more about our progress.

    - First, we're a much smaller team than Kobojo and getting access and used to their equipment, documentation and servers months after the studio was gone was far from easy, which is why things went kind of slow. We apologize for this and understand that it is frustrating for you guys.

    - However, we have started to get the game going again with Daily Mutants, Packs and Bank Offers as you may have seen and we're going to bring back more and more things, like missions, events and new features!

    - And we're not stopping there as we have also started working on original new mutants which will be released after Kobojo's last unreleased mutants.

    - We have also reopened the support and it is available here: If you had a request that Kobojo didn't answer, you can reopen a ticket or ask again, we will answer you as soon as humanly possible.

    - We are reading all your comments on the Facebook Page, even if we don't have the time to answer them yet, and they've been very informative for us. Keep them coming!

    - We'd also like to get the community more and more involved. As an exemple of that, there is currently a poll to choose the final mutant of the first PVE of November: Please register on the forum to choose and vote!

    - At last, here's a small gift to thank you all for supporting Mutants: Genetic Gladiators, as well as for your help and patience with us:

    Have fun with Mutants: Genetic Gladiators and see you soon!
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    Uhmm, guys? I tried this link yesterday, and got nothing. Today, I can't even get the Game to open! Is there a problem?

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    Thanks to Celsius Online for bringing back to life Mutant Genetic Gladiators. Keep up the good work :)

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