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Thread: Only defeats!!!

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    Unhappy Only defeats!!!

    I do not understand how it is possible that lately I only get defeats. THE GAME IS NOT ABSOLUTELY BALANCED.

    I was able to get to work at 920 points and now every time I lose. And I find myself at 870. The players with whom I have to beat are always with a bigger score, with more life and if not, they are always very lucky to be able to randomly combine long sequences of combinations. Many times they can turn a hero twice into the same turn.

    For me, it is now impossible to play. They are always at a disadvantage and I do not even have the luck (just a few times) to concatenate sequences. I do not know what to do.

    I have strong enough heroes and I could win each and every time ... But now if it is not for one thing, it is for the other. I was able to beat me even at the 3rd round without completing my heroes. Absurd. In 3 rounds, they can activate all the heroes and even more than once. Obviously at higher levels and with more power of damage. Do you have to pay to win this game? Or using tricks? Does anyone know why this happens? Am I the only one?

    Matchmaking should be rigorously on the same life points first and then for player level (which is why it is also related).

    If one has 200, 300, 400 plus life points, he has stronger heroes, and he is activated first because he is lucky with combinations ... tell me how you can win.

    I really want answers to this problem. It's a game that's not balanced even not well thought out.

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    Hello FoffoDux, we all have sometimes lose streacks, that sucks but happens. I want to ask you a few questions first: What level are you? What mode are you playing? What heroes are you using? Do you know how to cascade/chain?

    Matchmaking is usually balanced. I have most of my enemies with +-100 hp if not equal. If i would have to gues i will say MatchMaking tryes to match a perfect enemy (aka same level same points) but if it cannot find on a time range start choosing the most equal player -> This mean same level or same points. This is suposed to be like that to avoid long waiting times. Ill say again this is a guess, i dont know how actually works the MM codding, but sounds like it. Also on personal experience i have lost to lower level people and won to higher level people. I wont lie to you neither, i have a screenshot vs a guy and he literally won becouse he had 50more hp ( match end 50 - 0). Saved it cuz its funny, when i los rarelly is for lvl difference.

    About the Luck, yes its happens sometimes. It happened to all players, have a match with literally no colours to charge your heroes. Most Pro players use the cascades/chains to clean the board of the useless colours, i personally rather to cry. But really, luck dont use to define matchs, most time is player ability.

    About charging heroes, it depends about your matching abilities, about each hero and maybe if there is some buff/debuff modifiying the charge rate. For example, fast heroes to charge: Hiru, Yar, Isiaaki. Mid/Long charge heroes: Ken-Uh , Rod, Gyle. Really Long charge heroes: Souhel, Ned, Don. If you are playing constructed match, you have totally have in mind the charge rate of heroes. If you go full Legendary or Epic, you mighy lose before you actually charge one hero. You should take in mind abilities/pasives/death rattle of your heroes. Kishu for example, give your summoned allies a boost on activation (aka you need less 'mana' to cast skills) when she dies. If you have one on the enemy side, have in mind the fact if you kill her your enemy will charge the heroes faster. Similar thing happens with Konil but backwards. His DeathRattle will slow the activation of enemy heroes. This mean if you kill him, all your heroes will charge slower.
    Also heroes with the ability of activate units like Gyle or Roku will help on the heroes charge. Any unit they active will charge your other heroes. They are like a free turn .
    Also you dont have to mistake Activation with Invocation. Activation charge is the one used to cast skill when Hero is on board. Invocation Charge is the used when the heroes are not in board yet. For example, Mirga when summoned will speed up the invocation of your other heroes. This mean, summon her first so your other heroes can be summoned faster.

    About heroes level difference how much difference you have usually? (if you long-press an enemy hero portrait you can see its level)

    Anyways, i hope i responded a few of your questions. You can freely ask for anything you may want to know or some tips!

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    Hi, thank you for your reply.

    My level is 23, my point life 1325.
    My heroes: 1 (Erys4 - Noren2 - Drall4 - Flakar3), 2 (Sokal7 - Drall4 - Maarrar8 - Borg, 3 (Savis5 - Hembala2 - Drall4 - Flakar3)

    The first configuration I use most, at 90%.

    I almost always play at "battle for ranking" I do not know how to say in English exactly. The green big button on the left. To use my heroes.

    unfortunately it is not so true that the challengers have more or less 100 points. I have dozens of screenshots showing the opposite. And unfortunately even 50 points as you say, can make a difference especially if you join (very often) by luck.

    yes, I know there are heroes who have special features. but it is obvious that if these players did not have so many lucky sequences, I might be able to do it. Do you know what it means to have two red and two yellow, and can not combine for one turn or two? means that if your opponent has players like hembala, and activating him twice, he leaves you almost without any means.

    No, I do not know much about cascade/chain... where can I find information? what exactly is it?

    what is most annoying about programming is that I would prefer a warning saying that no user found my challenge, instead of playing with one that has 1500 or more life points. So pairing only and exclusively for life points, not for battle points or how they are calle... those who sum up winning a battle

    I'm not complaining about playing with one with 100 points but sometimes, not always and often.

    I repeat, I do not mind losing if the points are alike, and if I play badly and the other plays well. but lose so many games below and notice that I can not make matches and he does "massacre" "unstoppable" often and willingly ... then no.

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    Well the weakness of your first team is a low charging rate: Caused for bad luck, mistaken moves or enemy just have some counter. Take in mind your quickiest hero is Erys (with 61mana) and thats HUGE, doing only 3 simple moves for turn (3 moves of flat 3 red troops) you need 2turns to charge him!(Aprox) And the main problem is usually quickest hero should be the spammer. Erys is your fastest and still only can cast once on board and fire does not stack, Erys should move and cast to only add a X15damage to the damage field. Noren/Drall are your main damage but they take 100mana each to charge, usually does not work well to have a lot of lowrate charge heroes, specially with the huge amount of hembalas and saals lurking on the matchmaking. Even a normal hero like Yar can poison twice in a turn at the early game and when you have the mana to deploy Drall/Noren they might be dead or half hp already.
    There was a team before (idk if there is still someone using it) with Drall Noren Ned/Krys Kane called OTK (One Turn Kill). Basically they tryied to fast cast kane and then spam him. And then deploy the 3 other heroes and killed you in one turn. In that case, somewhat worked, idk if its still viable. Highly doubt cuz hembalas/saals.
    Im not saying your team is bad, im saying it have some big counters.

    Sometimes matchmaking have some issues. For example a low level with high elo or a high level with low elo. This trends to derp the matchmaking .

    About moves and cascading there was some old videos like this and this. Cascading is more about practice than other stuff.

    Have you tryied random matchmaking? Its my fav mode to play it. Shows a lot of awesome combos , and when you have a really scrappy team it push you to really try the best of the best on the moves.

    Take in mind Constructed(you choose your team) mode prioritize vs contructed (PRIORITIZE, this mean you can be matched with a randommm person and viceversa).

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    To be fair to the OP, I've noticed that 8/10 times, I get matched with players a couple of levels higher... worst I had was +/- 200 hp more than me.

    Personally, I just think its a challenge, not something to complain about.

    The stronger heroes (because higher levels = more playtime = more gold = more upgrades) however.... that's annoying lol

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    There are streaks. But It's not all random.

    I've fought the same guy at least 30 times this season and last season. Every single time I've went second. I've been keeping tracking of our fights

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    That's actually a good point - I've noticed that I start in second place the vast majority of games.... again, doesn't bother me that much cos there doesn't seem to be any dis/advantage to it... just an odd pattern.

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    I usually win like double the amount if I go first.

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    There's a infinite time cheat that I have run into a lot lately.

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