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    Angry I was downgraded???

    sorry but I do not understand. I get to work at more than 1100 points and after opening the box tell me that I'm too "grand" and I have to be brought back to a lower level ???

    can you explain to me what does it mean? why did I lose at least 30 points? why should I be leveling myself? what bug is this?

    in short, that is not so simple to go up to level if one is also robbed of earned points what do you have to do? I want the points back! I paid for this game on many occasions. I'm not going to throw the money away.

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    If you mean the elo points (paw points): After Lion chest, elo resets to 1100 every season start, despite if you open a chest or not. This was implemented months ago to avoid endless elo scale and allow people to refresh their chance to be on the top 100 leader every season. Also, pvp pool refresh every elo start (at least the first days of the season you will encounter some players you not use to find on pvp cuz they are too top or too low). You only lose the elo points back to 1100. No experience, gold, or gems its removed.

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