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    Lightbulb Change the way breeding centre works

    I have posted this earlier also, But why cant you change the breeding centre works? Currently if my incubators are full and my mutants have finished breeding, i have to wait for an incubator slot to get free. Instead let the mutant be stored in my account and i can initiate the next breeding . This will allow me to decide which mutant i want to incubate first.

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    Good Mr. Richard Santiago

    Hi :) ,,
    Its a good way,, everyone often discard many mutants coz they can't wait.. So, if the breeding is complete- U guyz show the result of the breeding and then also we can store it in the inventory... Its a good opinion ..

    <3 Thanks Mr. Richard Santiago.. for this great idea <3

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    I like the way it is so far. It stops people from spamming mutants and forces you to be more tactical about breeding.
    As for incubators... upgrade the damn thing. Doesn't cost much. Can have 2 on the go, easy as 3.14.
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    What level is max on the Breeder . incubator. And evo center?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawkman1955 View Post
    What level is max on the Breeder . incubator. And evo center?
    3, 3 and 999 as far as we know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grim Jack View Post
    3, 3 and 999 as far as we know.
    Yes, 3, 3, and maybe 999. We can confirm the evo center once Ronnie stops being so lazy
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    Not bad,It sucks i have to wait a day or 2 to finish incubating.This is a really good suggestion

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