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    So is this game going anywhere?

    It got saved at the last minute from going under when Kobojo tanked a while back but, apart from the reintroduction of the pay-to-play event, nothing has changed.

    (By the way, putting those events on a constant "50% sale" doesn't make them cheap... if they're never at the higher price the 50% means nothing... just saying)

    I've read plenty of threads from players, offering ideas on making changes to the game - I've also made these threads myself. If we're lucky, we get a half-hearted reply with a little pat on the back.

    So, just a simple question - is this game going anywhere?

    Don't need to know what changes, don't even need to know when - but confirmation that something is going to change up the monotony of load up/play a few rounds of pvp/open a couple of chests/send a few cards.... rinse and repeat... would be nice.

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    Hi Dominion,
    Yeah the game is indeed working and its going foward. Celsius crew is still fixing some old bugs and exploits of the game. The company change made things a bit slow for the game, but now its gaining speed again. For example, a patch was anunced today (already ingame). So yes, the game is still recieving love and i sense a shiny new dawn for it

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    Btw, personal opinion, 50gems for event can be made with 10daily videos, and events usually stays for 2 days so, you can have a no-money play of event everytime. Also pvp and daily chest give gems too!

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    That the patch thats causing a matchmaking error?

    Rubies aren't the issue - it's the concept of calling it a sale *when the higher cost never exists*.

    I get why they do it - people think it's a sale, they rush to get the good offer, spending their resources... which means they'll have to play/pay for more... etc.

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