We, at Celsius Online are very glad to announce that our first balance change, as well as other changes, will be implemented shortly in the game! We have taken into account your feedback as much as we could to make these first changes so we hope you'll like them.

We know however that there is a lot of work to be done but it is a first step toward rebalancing PVP and much, much more.

Other new features are in the work, such as new heroes, bugfixes, as well as communicating more and more with you. Primal Legends is an awesome game but it is nothing without you, the community which loves it and has seen it evolved. You guys supported the game for months while there were no new features but the wait is finally over as a lot of things are planned for the game that we love, and we plan to involve you guys in the process as much as possible!

Without further ado, here are the patch notes:

I. Balance changes:


Activation value absorbed from enemy heroes and given to friendly heroes reduced to 15 from 20


• Attack Damage reduced to 63 from 70
• Overdrive reduction reduced to 15 from 18


• Base attack damage increased to 36 from 30


• Activation value increased to 50 from 47


• Ability now boosts activated units for a base value of +12 Health instead of +10

II. Random vs Constructed:

There are currently many advantages to playing random decks rather than constructed ones in the ladder and we have to think about how to balance this. In the meantime, the points you lose in the ranking because of a loss will no longer be halved if you are playing a random team (you still get double the points when you win while playing a random team).

III. Bugfixes:

Many points were brought up here: http://forums.kobojo.com/showthread....exploit-thread (thanks a lot for the feedback!) and here are our answers after checking:

- Kane buff bug: it is not a bug but a choice made by the previous game designers. However, it can be reworked, we'll have to see about it.

- Banka bug: this is indeed a bug which requires coding to be fixed, we will address it later.

- Missar bug: we need more detailed explanation about that one to be sure to understand what the issue is.

- Same daily gifts: the next sets of daily gifts will be different from now on.

See you soon guys and we're looking forward to your feedback! :)