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    Angry F*************CK!!

    Whyy?? Why every time i try to do a battle on pvp i find people that only have at least 2 gold star and a total EVO level of 63? My EVO is 20 (for a total of 60) and every person that attack me has more EVO points (?) than me. Why all the people that i meet (defending or attacking) is always stronger than me? I CAN'T SPEND EVERY TIME 15000K OF CREDITS TO CHANGE MY OPPONENT!! and even if i do it, i always meet people who have only legendary mutants.
    My team: Techno taoist gold (normal version), Captain peace, Captain wrenchfury. What i have to do if i want a loyal match?

    Sorry for my english but i'm angry cause i'm spending a lot of time in this game like many other people, and i still see that the matchmaking system sucks.
    And I'm Italian, so I do not speak very well english.

    An example: i was searching a match, but i only met player like him
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