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    mutants worth to breed to gold version???

    which mutants worth to breed to gold version?..ragnar or xena or xenarach or behemoth or arachno or satyr shaman or general chaos or haggis or humongous or all of them in silver already..but only have a few gold star..thanks in advance...

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    well if you want my thoughts on it you should gold star satyr haggis humongous why you may ask well it will give your team or your gold star team if you have one.....they will defiantly give you a nice boost in power as well as longer lasting mutants

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    Generally I try to get Gold versions of the strongest or fastest mutants first. General Chaos is a nice balance of speed and strength in my opinion, as is Xenarach. Haggis and Humongous are also really strong mutants, but slower.

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    It depends what your intentions are; using in PvP, using in campaign, using as tag, collecting.

    If you plan on using it in PvP, I'd go with Xenarach or General Chaos. Maybe even Behemoth and Satyr.

    As a tag, definitely Behemoth; it is a great tag.

    Campaign is which ever genes you tend to lack

    Collecting is which ever you like best.
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