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    Correct parrents odds?

    How high is it? I mean its tooo damn LOW i used all my silver stard to have 4 Beatle bots some Death bots,some astrosurfers and few nordic nightmares. WTF if the parrents are correct then let them be atleas 1 out of 2 or 3 times correct,its just anoying, Im about to explode. Pls fix thiss.:encouragement:

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    it's based on luck and that's what makes it interesting.. if it wasn't so hard to get anymore, what to be proud of from correct parents mutants? -__-

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    just to let u know im trying to get gold mekali, this is my 6th try, until now i got 3 gold techno taoist and 2 gold android...such sad...

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    ok 4 gold techno taoist now >.> whats wrong with me....

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    Nothing. Fortunately I found out how bad the odds were trying to get a bronze Mono and landed up with a pile of 13 duplicate bronzes. I thought that it was likely to happen at the higher levels too; thanks for confirming. This is probably my last post - fun game, but the odds of getting the rare mutants, even legendary ones you paid for, sucks too much waste my time on anymore.

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    yay ! i used 8 bronze for a THOR,, and used around 7 bronze for mekali ( i buy these bronze ) and now i have spent around 7 silver stars for a mekali ... and still not getting her.. CRAP. correct parents and rare mutant .. i thought it was supposed to be different .. sigh

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    Im at the 20th try and not even "correct parents"... i contacted the support yesterday, hope they fix it, or at least give me back all my gold stars and silver ones.

    Kobojo, plz be professional and answer!

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    ok 21th try kobojo this is becoming insane i want my gold stars back! and then fix!...another thing, plz remove the new powerups ruining no hackers/shoppers game...i actually dont care about pve but REMOVE FROM PVP, IM LOOSING TONS OF ELO SINCE THIS UPDATE!

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    I need help getting Goliath I only have 1 invite reply, I've been sending out invites on a daily for months with no more responses Is there another way to obtain him? Thanks in advance.:confusion :confusion:

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    I dont know how it is for silver and gold star but for bronze i got all my bronze pvp mutants with only 1 start except for thor that took me 3 stars...i thought its very easy to get bronze and hard to get silver/gold but seems i was only extremely lucky this time with bronze stars at mutants with correct stars :o well i wish you all the same luck like i did and hope that his proves that it is rly a luck based situation when getting mutants.

    Edit: in case ppl might as questions i bred the special mutants only with the starting mutants( those with 1 gene) maybe that was my luck at bronze ?

    Zakoru out.

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    o.o° I had Bronze Mekali in 2 Tries and are now leveling my silver Behemoth. I assumed the chance was about 50% since both bronze and silver Behemoth came in the second try ^^°

    Next one I will get at is Captain Peace...just won em at the Reactor and hope to also get him Bronze as PvP defense.

    I'm truly no person with good luck so before I bred I read in here what could fit as parents and they told that if you use won Mutants with single Genes you get the highest chance, especially if its the second Gene of the one you want. Other than that double Genes are next to fit well. Seems both these tips saved me a hell of Stars ^^°

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