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    jackpot machine is missing


    its nice that the jackpot machine seems to be planned to come permenantly (in other case it would make no sence to win the tokens in the new event "vegas")

    but where is the machine? i one tokens buit i cant use them!! is there still a problem about it? or do i need to do something?

    cheers and have a nice day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Francisco Javier Chavez View Post
    same here bro
    Where is the jackpotmachinehead

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    Searched every bit of the rooftop tried to click the banners, still nothing. I don't have the jackpot machine

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    same here! plz fix it

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    Me too jackpot machine is missing

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    They are still trying to fix it. Relax guys.

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    It's right between the south-east and north-east corners of the rooftop.

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    I have been scrolling and looking for it and i saw there is a problem withe pve so we are going to have to wait a bit

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