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    Could use some team up gamers!

    Here's my facebook link if you want to add me for tag teaming, gifting and for unlocking items in MGG. Send me a message first that your adding me for Mutants Genetic Gladiators first, thanks!

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    I'm a new to this game, so I'm a fairly low level.
    I'm level 10 with only 15 mutants.
    It's a tough game, but addicting

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    I wish it was faster to level up all your mutants. There are so many I want to play all at once. I'd love it, if I could use 4 instead of three. :apple:
    Currently at level 18, and now at 47 mutants.
    I'm getting there guys, hang on, going to take me awhile to get to a good level. Still trying to unlock the current PVP mutant, i'm at the top 11%.

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