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    After 45 Jackpot Tokens... [Free Spins]

    Can we please, pretty please, remove Free Spin as a thing in the slots? It doesn't provide anything other than an annoyance.

    Anyway, suggestions:

    1. Convert the Free Spin into small Bonus Win items. Doesn't have to be exciting loot, the usual credits, gold, or XP cans. Rig it so that 3 Bonus Wins still counts as a win (and full use of a token) but if they come up in addition to other rewards, for example:
    20 Gold - Bonus XP - 20 Gold - 20 Gold - Bonus Medkit
    the reward would be 20 Gold, an XP can, _and_ a Medkit.
    or similarly:
    Jackpot - Bonus Gold (5) - Bonus XP - Mutant - Bonus Credits (10k)
    it would still give the bonus awards.

    Heck, some of those bonus rewards could replace the shoddy 10k credits and other low value results of the jackpot token.

    2. Re-spin Free Spins automatically.
    It's particularly annoying when I get Free Spins and no other conceivable reward. Example:
    Jackpot - Free Spin - Free Spin - Gold Star - Free Spin.
    It'd actually be nifty to see the Free Spins trigger automatically, except trying to match the remaining symbols. One Free Spin would land naturally, the last two would be bound as the usual jackpot reels work.
    From the previous example, it could end up with:
    Jackpot - 20 Gold - ??? - Gold Star - ???
    What will I get? (Probably 20 gold at that point, but I wouldn't complain!)
    Point is, that makes it more exciting and less irritating to play the slots.
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    Extra note:

    45 tokens
    8 free spins
    53 total spins
    15% more spins than necessary to get the exact same results. Bad.

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    fuly agree : free spin is ennoying and useless !

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    I'd just like to report, I went SEVEN FULL SPINS off of the stupid Free Spin mechanic. After that much, I should have gotten at least a new mutant.
    Nope! 10k credits.

    Seriously, Kojobo, you guys gotta fix this thing.

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    7 spins does not get you a free mutant. mutants are about 1 in 200 spins.
    Mutant Reactor:
    Steampunk = 17 Spins, Gothic = 9 Spins, Girl Power = 5 Spins
    Superheros = 15 Spins, Japan = 5 Spins, Space Wars = 9 Spins
    Big Boss = 8 Spins + 1 Gold, Super Villains = 8 Spins + 1 Gold
    Movies = 4 Spins + 1 Gold, Elemental Squad = 10 Spins, Time Soldiers = 6 Spins

    Gods of the Arena: 7 Spins so far

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    legendary mutants are around 1 in 2500

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    They are talking about jackpot tokens:ambivalence:

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