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    Quote Originally Posted by [K] Hugo View Post
    We are currently working on something that will please the persons that the fights are too slow now that the abilities are in place... :)

    Hugo please ask the devs to give a timeline from this patch for the speed improvements. This would be good to know, and make the community feel supported especially if we know the day the patch drops.

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    I'll reveal the details as i get them. You will know in advance for sure, just like we just let you know for the new divisions to come next week :)

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    That's all we can ask for. (But send me the information before anyone else k? Thanks!!!!!) lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Deal View Post
    That's all we can ask for. (But send me the information before anyone else k? Thanks!!!!!) lol
    No way man! Moderators first! LOL!!!!

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    I have a question regarding ticket costs and XP of the campaign.

    Even at the moment for a high level player its not worth to do the campaign (for XP and fame). You e.g. get 130 XP and fame for 9 Tickets. In the future I will get 1000 XP and fame for 10 tickets at Omega Division. As you can see there is an imbalance. Hope you will adjust ticket costs (or fame, XP) for the campaign, too.

    I know, the main purpose of the campaign are not the XP or fame, but in the future it will become even worse XP and fame wise, especially the first 30 missions are really unprofitable.

    I have to proposals to add:
    1. Instead of reducing the number of tickets, XP and fame you could adjust the tickets needed for every division, e.g. 8-10-12-14 (Omega) - 16-18.
    2. Raise the max number of tickets regenerated. At the moment all players are limited to 50 tickets. Why not raise the max number of tickets every 5 Levels by one. For exmaple, a Lv100 can save up to 70 tickets. If so, then 5 fights in Omega Division would be possible. (in Omega your new and my system would be the same, in other divisions it differs.
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    Its very early to suggest things as the changes are not in the game yet and you dont know exacly how the changes will be in each division for example :) Thanks for your suggestion though, might be useful later!

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    This is Just Great Addition for the game and the players who were bored of the campaign was over but i think this new division is good but could add more divisions and interesting fights or a bit challenging for potent players

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    First of all, I would like to say thank you to KOBOJO and other teams for improving the game.

    I love the latest updates, which is the "ability" on each mutants. Really amazing. However, the Retaliate is a bit too much as well as the Attack increase after attacked or being attacked. Please do some amendments towards that.

    Dear KOBOJO teams, can you guys put some mutants especially legendaries normal on credits instead of gold? Previously, legendary mutants in normal version can get at least 10 million or 20 million credits. Now even with normal version of legendaries need to use real money or gold to purchase. Sadly. Can you guys consider bringing back some of the legendary mutants in credits?

    PVE & PVP. I'm a bit tired of playing in these 2 because the mutants keep on repeating. No point I will keep playing because the same mutants all over again in every PVE & PVP. I wish there are some changes like putting legendaries on PVE or PVP. I've been playing this game for almost 1 year and this really make me disappointing.

    Anyway, I do hope can get more updates and upgrades from KOBOJO. Hope to see there are extra slots for placing mutants because the space is getting lesser. Thanks.

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    Will the 49600 xp to lvl up also increase?

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    You have gold versions of mutants in the reactor. Now you have launched one with the winter version. Why are these not counted towards the gold version in mutant bingo? That is not fair to players like me who make purchases or have gold version of Valkyrie and Bounty bug from the reactor . Everybody who has them are regular players and you are not recognizing them:blue:

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