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    What are the correct parents for that thing for best chance.If it continue this way I'll start to dream cerberus >.<
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    What worked for me in getting a Silver Undead Dragon was breading Zombie with Cerberus. It helps to breed with multi-types, like when trying to get a Deus Machina, instead of breeding a Demon with a Robot, why not breed one with a Techno Taoist instead?

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    I tried that already for like 3 times.I guess it's just my bad luck :/ but tnx anyway

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    Luck is a contributing factor. There's no surefire way to get one easily.

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    here, read my guide... it'll probably help

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    highest odds for any rare is 2 double-gene parents (leech lord+kaiju kitty in this case). It limits it to only 2 possible outcomes. If you do any mixed genes, it adds at least 2 more possibilities which drastically drops your odds

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    Huh. I bred a Lv15 Bronze Zombie with a Lv15 Bronze Cerberus and got Silver Undead Dragon on first try. I must have just been lucky then.

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    zombie and beast worked for me

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    its all about luck i put zombat with cerberus and got him

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    try to breed a zombat and you'll get undead dragon.
    i got two of them in a row that way.

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