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    Primal Legends

    Hey I Got Banned For some reason. No Idea Why. Can some help me get unbanned from Primal Legends? Please, Greatly Appreciated?

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    Hello Ali, you can send a support ticket here and explain your problem.

    "Great heroes carry the journey's burdens, not on their shoulders, but in their hearts."

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    What was your ingame name?

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    看不懂? 用翻译软件!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lanserdelans View Post
    What was your ingame name?
    hahaha u want him to make a confession. he is not that stupid to tell u that.

    u bad man hahaha

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    there is a quote in the film Now You See Me 2
    you will get what is coming to you in ways you can not expect but very much in deserve.

    and now u have achieved that congrats

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