Hello, my name is Jim and am new at this community (at forum only)!

I noticed that some players use a software to disconnect u in arena!

This happens with low lvl players and some high to be honest!

just to catch u up NO this isnt ISP dc, NO this isnt ur server dc!

They just use some software to drop us off!
i have reported like 20 players till now, by in game report! some of them reported more than 2-5 times and those dc happens only with them! 20lvl players with arena points 1800+++++!

they just use software to win! consider fix that issue or punish players (check their stats)!

I bet many players donate OR wanna donate, but with those shits there r only 2 solutions!

A. I - HE - THEY Start hack as well
or B. quit the game and provoke players at media to quit as well!

consider my words!

With Regards Jim ...