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Thread: Arena!!!

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    There's a new wave of sore losers in the arena now a days.

    I have a hero killing team and these new jerks after I slaughter off their heroes, will refuse to make a move, not surrender or do anything.

    Anyone else been running into them?

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    Yeah, I'm out.

    Two accounts in the last 2.5 years, both up to lvl 30, both completed story, both fully unlocked all heroes - I've put a lot of time into this game.

    Just been force-disconnected 4 times in a row by different players, perfect wi-fi connection, perfect signal.

    Devs don't give a crap about fixing this, reporting does absolutely nothing when everyone knows the cheat - one cheater drops, you got 10 more waiting.

    No new content in months and nothing to play for apart from the same, boring coins and cards.

    This used to be fun - it's now dead in the water.

    Have fun playing a dead game peeps.

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