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    Live Balance Discussion [Season 35+]

    This thread is for discussing this season's unbalanced heroes and reworking their design to fix the problems. Please post with your ideas, as well as, the problem and include why and how your proposed changes can solve the issues.

    When posting please try to be concise and use language we can all understand. Don't use this thread to whine and complain, use it instead to contribute to the conversation and help solve the problems

    February 15, 2018

    Latest Balance Update:!

    Note: Lion and Phoenix League players always have their ELO reset back to 1100 at the end of each season.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Saru is too OP, it gives 1 extra movement and his 3 explosive bananas cannot be moved and inflict massive damage, plus with his few required activation points and that extra move, can cut half the power of your heroes in one turn, either power reduction should not be cumulative or it must be reset after hero activation.

    The same for poisonous effect heroes.

    Saal got too many health points and if you are caught without heroes in the board you are pretty much done because it takes double effort to recovery such lost activation points
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    I agree Saal is pretty OP if you activate him fast enough but at least he doesn't have offensive power.

    I don't think death rattles should last forever (Konil and Kishu, I'm looking at you), maybe just 3 turns like Gwenn's ice. I also think Komeul's gauge should be 51

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    yeah yar s gauge should be 52

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