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    Match speed mode bug! Please fix.

    Match speed mode bug! Please fix.

    My match speed mode is at 2x even if when set at 1x speed. I'm using Firefox browser. This issue also occurs on my mobile phone I use a Note 4 Samsung. Anyone else having this issue? :frown-new:

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    The speed was just increased 40% for all 3 modes. That may be what you're seeing.

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    Is this something temporary or permanent? Cause it is terrible idea..... I was going to invest($) more into the game but now I'm thinking not to anymore....

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    Permanent. After adding the abilities, all the animation associated with them slowed fights down terribly. This is Kobojo's way of getting it back to normal speed (overall).

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    Except now, some of my mutants attack animations are getting switched around. Just a few minutes ago, my Steampunk Warrior used his Slice & Dice attack, and I got the sound of his Smack & Hack attack, and vice versa. If you're going to speed things up, could you at least make the attack animations correlate to the sound the attack makes? Thanks. By the way, these new abilities have saved my ass more than a few times since they were introduced.

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