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    For a new reactor?

    i was thinking in reactor of anime something like nebulon dark magician yugioh azuria edward elric full metal alchemist an if you can tecno taoist butt a version like coggeta in gold or silver
    (this idea is because dezinger-mazinger z
    spaces princess-sailor moon
    inteceptrix bronze evangelion
    even all the version of steel) is anime but i am not sure if all the players likes this idea

    i you like the idea can put more ideas, i am not sure this is only a idea i had think some time ago
    if you don´t like the idea its ok

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    Will like to see Naruto reactor

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    I like this idea nordic knightmare (Sword art online) Hunny bunny (someone from naruto) Dire despot (someone from bleach) Deus Machina ( full metal alchemist) theres just some ideas so theres 2 more mutants to go for animes.

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    Buranka as a pikachu (Pokemon) would be a cute tie-in for that. ^_^

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