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    Update: Gold buildings and combat speed increase

    Dear Psy Captains,

    Welcome to our second patch notes! Here is the latest information we can give you about MGG’s upcoming update:

    NEW BUILDINGS: The Gold Forge and the Gold Furnace

    Darwin has been working extra hard and is about to release 2 new buildings in your game.
    What will these new buildings do? As some of you have already guessed in our MGG Fanpage: they will generate Gold!

    Here are some details about these two buildings:

    • The Forge and the Furnace will be available in the shop, purchasable using Gold.
    • They will have different sizes, the Forge will be 2x2 and the Furnace will be 3x3.
    • Once installed on your rooftop these buildings will generate a amount of Gold on a regular basis.
    • The smaller building will produce a smaller portion of gold in less time and the other other building will take more time but will give you a bigger amount of shiny goodness.
    • These buildings' benefits will definitely be clear to you as a long term investment, because you cannot deplete this building.
    • The buildings will generate gold as long as you keep playing MGG and activating its gold production.

    For now the amount of Gold and the harvest frequency is not 100% confirmed yet as we're still on a balancing stage, but be ready - This building should be available next week!


    The team has been working on the Daily Challenge to improve your experience with this feature. Here are some details about the changes:

    • Some missions in the Daily Challenge have been modified/replaced by new ones.
    • The first reward will now be automatically unlocked everyday.
    • The rewards will be redistributed in order to have a better progression curve: The further you will get, the better the rewards! Note that the greatest rewards will now include Jackpot tokens and Gold.


    We took good note of your suggestions in regards to craving a new combat speed to compensate for the abilities' animation. As a consequence, we will increase the current x1, x2, x4 speed modes by 40%! You're welcome! :p


    These Patch Notes are for us the occasion to let you know about minor changes in your game:

    • The Mobile users now have the same Combat selection screen than the Facebook users.
    • Improvement of the stability of the game - both on the Facebook Desktop and Mobile versions of the game.
    • Correction of a bug causing the vanishing of the "No Tag" and "Add Friends" buttons before fighting.
    • Correction of other minor bugs.

    Keep your eyes open, a discount for instant healing your Mutant will become temporarily available during the next weeks.


    We expect this update to go live on: 18.02.2015 (we will keep you informed in regards to potential changes)

    Click HERE and join us on the forum discussion thread dedicated to these Patch Notes.

    That will be all for today, Psy Captains!

    Redeem your gift here:

    The MGG Team

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    95% for credits in the slot machine, yuck I lost all my gold good job Kobojo... :S

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    Seems like a good balance change!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Tek Chun Sheng View Post
    Seems like a good balance change!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ronok View Post
    Good update!

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