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    What if you won the Jackpot?

    What would be the first thing you'd do if you won the in-game jackpot (200k+)?
    I'd probably upgrade my breeding center and incubator, then buy the rest of my rooftop and buy a few furnaces and med labs.

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    Since I already have all mutants and everything upgraded, I would buy more furnaces and bankers. Then I'd save the rest for an evo sale.
    Mutant Reactor:
    Steampunk = 17 Spins, Gothic = 9 Spins, Girl Power = 5 Spins
    Superheros = 15 Spins, Japan = 5 Spins, Space Wars = 9 Spins
    Big Boss = 8 Spins + 1 Gold, Super Villains = 8 Spins + 1 Gold
    Movies = 4 Spins + 1 Gold, Elemental Squad = 10 Spins, Time Soldiers = 6 Spins

    Gods of the Arena: 7 Spins so far

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    Invest in alot of Furnaces, then bankers and legendaries.

    After that I'm probably self sufficient.

    Don't know what I'll do after that.

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    I'd wait for the next 50 or 60% gold evo sale then level up my muts till I went blind!

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    Spend it on Mutants I don't have then the rest on as many furnaces as I could fit on my roof. Who needs credits when you could have 3000 gold per day?

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