Has anyone else noticed the Timer that has now appeared on the Girl Power set in the Mutant Reactor?

I'm having a lot of fun with this game, but to me certain aspects don't seem quite fair. I've been playing for about a month now but can't really afford to buy any Gold. Thus far I have spent every Reactor Token I've been given or manage to earn on the Girl Power set (at least 15 Tokens) and I'm still missing one Mutant to complete it.

So, what happens next? Obviously in just over seven days the Girl Power set is to be replaced with the new set. Does this mean I'll never get the full set? If it's been this hard to collect these is there any point even trying to get the others, or are they to be replaced when I'm one Mutant away from completion?

This is probably the most frustrating aspect of M:GG (except now there's the slots for me to never win on too :disgust:)

Anyway. Thanks for taking the time to read what is basically a Rant, but hey ...that's what the internet's for ...right? :p