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    Wink mutants

    sana mag karoon ako ng maraming reactor pati gold

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    one of the animal from the planet munnyx.. like rakk n ruin.. it had a advance weapon.. it came to arena seeking for revenge to the sentinels..

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    segun yo se trata de una aventura que tuvo este mutante con la ciudad de egipto la cual es q el montado asu robot que se parece aun perro o un gato es una especie de mutante la cual se caracteriza por su atuendos y ataques q pueda aser o la velocidad q ese mutante pueda tener devido asu caracterisaciom esa especie de mutante parece ser cibero y sable lo cuakl indica q es fenomenal

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    He was a dissbanded pet who fought his way up to this amazing mech he foughted all of the mutants and killed everyone of them he is the Impossible he is the Mutant who all mutants are scared of he lived in a cruel world and hes not scared of living in one again!

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    Perhaps no other animal that has played a major role in the history of warfare from this mutant. This mutant has spiked collars and big weapons. This weapon was given from darwin to defeat its enemies. :hypnotysed::hypnotysed:
    quiro unmutante

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    Viny is Eva's pet.Eva trained this coyote to the maximum of his skills and gave Viny one unique vehicle for him to command.Eva found Viny in the Gobi Desert, Viny lost his parents to a hunters attack.Eva took care of him and now he his super stong and ready to own the arena.

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