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    If the game can only display 1000 friends, (seems to find more than that for sending gifts), then they should be your top 1000 friends, not some random mix. Nobody needs the lowest fame friends for tags. I'm still missing several high evo friends though I have gained some back. Can't seem to get rid of the lowest ones available, probably because they changed their facebook names so I can't find them to unfriend them. You, Kobojo, can make only the highest fame friends available as tags. EVERYONE would like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [K] Pogolina View Post
    Hey Mystery guest,

    According to your description it sounds like that person may have blocked you - considering the user has disappeared from your FB friend list and you can't even find them using the search bar.
    Cant kobojo restore the friends to a state before this update and let us choose who we want to disable?
    Because the way it was done, had created a big fuss in our friend list and still going on as effect of this update, and people unknowing of this didnt add or accepted, and no notice was given in the gifts page anouncing these features. So most of our valuable friends are simple lost of contact, erased from the friend list. In the end most of friends are loosing interest in the game because of loosing valuable friends. Why now to limit to 1000?

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    something wrong when i'm using my friends tag which is brittany. Seems that it's attack only hit one enemy mutant only, not mulit mutant hit. Please kindly do something about it. thanks

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    Please read the new updates. It was changed for PVP balance

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    My tag list still unstable from last update till now, already try many ways but still same, please solve this problem, i'm really can't enjoy to play this game again with this tag issue.

    Also almost 12 hours i can't login to MGG after upgrade my evo, not only me, many players outside there have same problem too, what happen??

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    Please everybody follow this to regain their Tags.

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    Users Awaiting Email Confirmation

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    So Kobojo are u going to fix this or what? It's ongoing since april and still nothing, people seems to not care anymore or gave up on this, u just forced your players to reduce their friends to 1000 to fix an issue that YOU caused, lol i have no words. At least be honest and say to ur players that ur not able to fix issue.

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    i play this game for 2 and a halve years so long all this time i am adding friends so i can have as many ass possible... You are gifting us gold and mutants from times to times and you think that this gona change what are you doing to this game... i like thios game but you are making it unplayable!!!!! realise it and do something about it... ps i was at top 1 % every single time in the tournament now i cant even get at top 5, what is wrong with you people? you suppose to make this game better not worse.... i have no other words to say, i am done here...

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