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    Statement: Tag Team/Ally Disappearance Reports

    UPDATE: The team does its best to understand and see if something can be done, but as of today your best bet is to reduce your number of facebook friends to "only" 1 000 friends or below. (the game being able to display only 1 000, it ensures that you see everybody in your game.).

    Thank you for your understanding!


    Dear Psy Captains,

    We would like to address your reports in regards to the latest Facebook permissions' adjustments.

    As some of you have noticed, a few (or even all) of your previous allies in game may no longer available. This is due to the newly implemented privacy options, in which each user's permission is requested in order for us to access their Friends list - Thus allowing you to play with other MGG users.


    - If you did not accept these Facebook permissions, you will not have access to the tag team feature nor any other social features, such as visiting or sending gifts.

    - When a specific user does not accept these Facebook permissions, this prevents us from accessing their friends list, hence causing them to be unavailable in other players' game, even if you both are still Facebook friends.

    - In case you did not accept them initially and would like to trigger and accept these permissions, just click on "Add a Friend" at the bottom of your screen.

    - Starting today, only players who you currently have in your friends list on Facebook (who also have accepted the Facebook permissions) will be available in your game.

    - If you have confirmed that your friendship with the missing user is still active (and you have both accepted the permissions) and you still experience an issue, please report it via support.

    We will keep analyzing this situation over the next week and we will keep you up to date in regards to this situation in this thread.

    Thank you in advance for your understanding,
    The MGG Team
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    ok. hope you fix it soon.

    the Game crash many times. please a list return the old style of combat fights was more fast and we not had problems with the game (crush) in) thank you.

    Atte: Ivan Prado The Admid from Masters of Universe 300+ and Tag Masters 60+.

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    it really make no sense.

    I've never been asked for permissions and i still have tags and others tag me. But after update, more than half of my high level tags disappeared.
    And I really don't believe that the new privacy rules applied in the same moment with the update. Really?

    This explanation makes no sense.


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    sooo what should i must do?

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    I hope you fix it soon.Because i lost some of my strongest Tag

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    I have retained most of my friends and the only ones I am missing must have not accepted the permissions yet. I will sent them a like to this thread with a short note explaining what is happening.

    One thing that I have heard from a few friends is that people that have blocked that were once friends and in the game have remained in their tag list. I suggested that they inform support about the issue but I just wanted to mention it here just in case.

    I have still experienced crashes today that seem totally random for some reason some.

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    most undefined legendary

    being a players as a mutants i should well do a most god of all legendary

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    this is good

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    Unhappy why??

    damn, all of my tagteams are gone how can i win???, yeah right..

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    Can You Gift Me A Gold And Legendary Kobojo

    Kobojo Please :'( Gift Me A Gold And Legendary Please Kobojo I need Please

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