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    i'm beginner, but watch my art!

    piggydestructo.jpg i name it piggyDestructo

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    Nice one i love it. but kobojo wouldnt see your art anyway

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    HAHA! It's AMAZING!!

    My only note and concern is.. The only conection that the piggy and the mecha have is that.. The mecha has piggy noses all over it, and that the mecha is shaped like a pig, haha.

    Maybe getting rid of the green/yellow christmassy hat.. and maybe making a red [mind controlling] helmet, and changing his cape to red too... Hmmm I don't know, just a suggestion, haha.
    Last edited by Carlos Marvel Avengers; 05-18-2015 at 06:59 PM. Reason: I just noticed the mecha has pig shape

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