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    "Empire State Building"
    Neo-Urban XII as King Kong
    Brick McGole as Planes's Attacking King Kong
    Honey Bunny as Hostage

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    Mutants Vs Heroes.

    Hi Kobojo Forums ! Here Is My Mutants Invaded On Real World. Hope You Like ♥:love_heart:.

    Title:- Mutants Vs Heroes.

    Story:- 1} Neo Urban Boss Leader Of Pack And He Is Attacking White House With Time Square Building.
    And Our Heroes Super Man
    And Hulk Are Stopping Him.And Tank And Jet Fighter Is Help Them.
    And Robots Are Help Them.{From Iron Man He Is Busy In Work.}
    2} Triple -B Was Throwing Rugby Bomb On White House Rooftop.And Batman Throw Batrang To Destroy It in Air.
    3} Cured Rider Want To Stomp A Kid.But Our Hero Spider Man Was Stopping Him With His Web.
    4} Honey Bunny Was Trying To Stop A Robot.But Black Window is Kicking Honey Bunny.
    5} Brick McGole Was Destroying White House Roof With Laser .But Thor Have Hammer.
    So He Thowed His Hammer To Brick McGole Space Ship.Bump....

    Is Heroes Defeat Mutants Or Mutants Take Control Over The White House.???

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    why my old comment don't appear ???
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