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    Monkey King By Alex !

    monkey_king_by_t_biddy-d3dgznn.jpg :sentimental: :sentimental: :sentimental:

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    Very Good :sentimental:

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    Completly badass ! :frog:

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    Look like somene got talent

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    Did You Done This Or From a Website

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    Wow, looks like we now have two very talented artists here !

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    That is gorgeous, dynamic and tells a story..I love the background, too.

    It looks like Monkey King is in a city that's been struck by an earthquake or Kaiju or something? What made you decide to do an apocalyptic setting? It's spectacular.

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    While this is masterful piece of art, I must close this thread as this drawing has been made by a Deviantart user years ago.

    Please refrain from posting images which do not belong to you in the fan art section of the forum.

    Thank you for your understanding,

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