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    hehehehe..... i am back, just for fun. Well kobojo nerfing this, what a shock...... erm not!!!!! How bloody stupid can you be, all the big spenders did was wait for gold sales and buy furnaces by the dozen...... yep the initial outlay is high but if you have 30+ then you don't really need to spend money on the game anymore unless you get bored and want to up your evo by lots....... SUDDENLY kobojo need to review the furnaces/forges and how they work....... hmmmmm i guess too well is the answer cos someone ain't making the money anymore. Too funny for words, just gonna sit here laughing my ass off at kobojo, for making complete fools of themselves over the past months....... YEAH lets get rid of anything which doesn't bring us profit! (should be their new slogan) ....... waiting for the editors to slap my wrists again.....
    Woah, Jack. Calm down, you're letting that arena rage spill onto the forum. If you would like to participate, we encourage you to do so constructively, because that is the only way we can forward your feedback. Try not to see this as a "slap on the wrist", these are plain guidelines you will find in most online forums and... life even?

    Honestly though, we see where you're coming from. The team is reassessing the impact of this feature and there is at this point no need jump to conclusions regarding what will be done with the gold buildings. I assure you we will inform you as soon as a decision has been reached.

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