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    So does this mean regardless of how many u have, you can buy 3 more? Will this be 3 a month, 3 every few month 3 forever? If its only 3 more forever, this will create a significant rich poor gap in the game between those who already have the peoples and those who do not. If you consider it takes about 4 months to get your return on gold investment, maybe you guys should suck it up and quit with the greed? Did you ever stop to think that those furnaces actually caused many people who never spent money to actually spend on the game? Did you ever think that the spenders that you think will quit spending will now just purchase the cash only mutants? I can only assume you didn't consider any of these things after reading your solution.

    Hey Dan,

    Yes, regardless of how many you have, you can get 3 more Gold Furnaces and 5 additional Gold Forges.

    - User A has 1 Gold forge
    - After the next game version is implemented, they can purchase 5 additional Gold Forges in the shop
    - If they decide to buy the GFs, User A will have in total 6 Gold Forges
    - The Gold Forge will no longer be purchasable in the shop, but it will be available in promotions.

    Promotions are not capped:
    - When a new promotion comes along (featuring a Gold Forge or Furnace), the purchase of the gold production buildings is not limited;
    - Therefore, you can take advantage of as many promotions as desired.

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