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    I have a question.If the new star is released in the game.Will the Reactor bosses' star changed into Platinum?Like Mr.Marvelous and Ivory Hanzo.But the new star have a negative effect they will make old players who already obtain so many Gold mutants pissed off because They will replace the Gold Mutants which very hard to get especially Legendary.and some already have some Orb which purchased with Gold.So that's mean they just ripped off their Gold

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    So is this update actually going to get us more space on our rooftops? Or just let us shuffle mutants around to different compounds? And will there be a collect all feature with the new compounds on the pc side of things?

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    Nice update just wondering if it would we that easy that they say.

    At each update they do they put some difficult conditions which sometimes spoil the fun of updates. And we need more space in rooftop as i don't like freezing my new mutants which i buy or get from rewards .

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    how much will the platinum stars cost? and what percentage of extra damage will they deal?

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    You should all partially thank ME, because I had suggested adding upgrades to all compounds to increase storage and Kobojo finally listened to me (and many, many other people who have been asking for it). Can't wait for the update!

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    since silver stars are 250 and gold are 500 i expect the platinum to be 850- 1000 gold each

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    Hi kobojo.
    plz tell me why you finish selling gold machines in shop?
    plz tell me. :)

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    I like the new update, and if platinum stars follow the pattern of the other stars they'll be a +100% attack and life over the non-star versions.

    I like the new compounds and am REALLY looking forward to the new omni and luxury compounds. If they're anywhere near the bank of Mystic compounds I'm going to replace ALL of my compounds with them.

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    Yeah,What you said was correct Me too have a negative thought on platinum stars update.But it is very common issue if a game was updating there must be some problem for on going players

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    Well, Its good news.
    But i spend 1400 gold in order to replace an invitation to get Goliath. So if you removed them how can i get my gold?


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