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    Yes yes Finaly Some thing Awsome and Hardcore happening Thank kobojo thank u so much *Crying with tear of joy

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    This all sounds like some exciting changes.....BUT I was REALLY hoping for some news or a fix on the still existing friend/tag problem that is affecting all players. I see dozens of players poting in the groups every day about their frustration with this ongoing problem, and still no word from you guys on a fix, or if it is even still being worked on. I WISH THEY WOULD CONCENTRATE ON THIS FIRST, THEN MOVE ON TO THE OTHER BELLS AND WHISTLES FOR THE GAME. :cupcake:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leonidus Xerxes View Post
    Hi kobojo.
    plz tell me why you finish selling gold machines in shop?
    plz tell me. :)
    If you check out the announcement Kobojo made a few days ago, you'll see that they removed them temporarily to make some changes. I'm quite furious too, cause that delays my big plan (have 20 furnaces and be a rich n***a 😏

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    Hope that these luxury compounds does not require gold...
    If ever.

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    Why have you removed silver stars from Arena, and reactor tokens from PVP rewards?
    Silver stars were hard enough to come by as it was already!
    Please improve the chances to get something good out of Jackpot and Magnetic keys. I literally collected 200 jackpot tokens and burned through them in one go just to see what's really going on. What did I get? maybe 50 gold, and rest was useless credits, health packs and those even worse than useless three day "shield" and "attack" badges. Can you say demotivational?

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    Hello the announcement was great need more players add me on fb Jonathan Gonzalez

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    Quote Originally Posted by Riina Kallioinen View Post
    Please improve the chances to get something good out of Jackpot and Magnetic keys.
    Within the past few days the magnetic key gifts have been upgraded to much better prizes. I had 50 unused keys since I too thought the prizes just weren't worth even clicking, but after the change I used them and got:
    3 Gold stars
    3 Silver stars
    120 gold
    6 days triple XP
    2 days double regen
    14 big med packs
    10 JP tokens
    26 XP jars

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    A collect all button would be nice, hate having to mouse over each compound trying to collect my silver and trying to find the sweet spot because the mutants cover the compounds, and maybe another rooftop would be great as well, Don't care for the platinum star though, it's already difficult enough to try and collect gold stars and breed them just to waste on getting a duplicate.

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    Unhappy new compounds are only good for low level players they are not daily player

    the new compounds can save more credits, but thats only a joke kobojo! all news comes for buy with gold. nothing with credits and than kobojo remove gold machines. new compound must to buy with gold and we can only buy passes or evo with credits. for high evo players is it impossible to buy one evo with credits! for me cost one lvl 1'270'000'000!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vince Marky Flinn View Post
    Hope that these luxury compounds does not require gold...
    If ever.
    Hey Vince,

    They will be purchasable with gold.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ameen Saadi View Post
    Well, Its good news.
    But i spend 1400 gold in order to replace an invitation to get Goliath. So if you removed them how can i get my gold?

    Hey Ameen,

    If you were between 5 and 9 friends you'll get the reward.


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    My question is, when is this update scheduled to take place. Are the lux and onmi compounds gold purchase only or are they purchasable with credits as well.

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